No project is complete or properly managed without the support of special tools and programs to manage cost, quality and schedule. Equally important is the management of the interrelationships among these issues.

To meet the unique requirements of our clients, HDAI Construction, Inc. provides construction, construction management and design-build services in numerous markets and geographical locations.

“John’s company was excellent to work with, and they completed the project ahead of the targeted opening date and under budget

 – a rare outcome in this day and age. I highly recommend HDAI Construction to any organization looking for a high quality product, and a high level of satisfaction with the construction process from start to finish.”
Joseph B. Bisson
VP Business Development
St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Preconstruction Services

During the development of the design, our staff will participate as an active team member by monitoring the various elements of the project to ensure that the final design conforms to the established construction budget. We will investigate alternate products and construction methods that could reduce costs without affecting the quality of the project. We will assist in establishing an overall schedule for the project, including both the design phase and the construction phase.

Scheduling Services

An overall project schedule is established for the project, which is then exploded into greater detail as a “near term” schedule to track and manage the job. Our approach to scheduling projects is to create a detailed plan for the project, to identify and recognize the contingency plans available, to clearly communicate our plan to all involved with the project, to solicit input from all parties and analyze this input in a timely manner, and to insist upon performance with the agreed upon plan.


Quality Control Program

HDAI Construction, Inc. is responsible for construction and controlling the quality of its operations and those of its subcontractors and vendors. Quality is defined as conformance to requirements and is achieved by “doing it right the first time”. Quality control requirements are defined in the contract documents and good quality control begins with good plans and specifications.


Cost Control

We maintain a comprehensive and integrated cost control system. It tracks, monitors, and projects individual task and total cost from the conceptual estimating stages in the preconstruction phase through project completion and closeout. We strive to maintain and control a database of project information, which aids in sound economic decisions. As the job moves through the design/development phase, the system is easily updated with current units, revised unit costs and value engineering decisions.