Boca Raton Medical & Surgical - Boca Raton, Florida

At HDAI Construction, Inc., we strive to provide exceptional construction services. Our commitment to high-quality service is built on sound management, effective scheduling, timely response and the technical skills of our staff.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to respond quickly with innovative and effective solutions to unforeseen problems. Our basic philosophy reflects an attitude of communication and cooperation between the design professionals and our construction staff. As contractors with a background in architecture, we approach each job with a genuine concern for the quality of construction, concern that the construction schedule is maintained and that construction costs are constantly monitored. This approach provides a unique awareness that will have a positive impact on the entire design process from decisions concerning detailing and materials to the overall design concept. We understand the fine balance between both and strive to meet our client’s high standards for the design and construction.

We are dedicated to providing professional service, building lasting relationships and achieving the project team’s expectations for quality.

At HDAI, we know what is required to complete a project successfully. Our people are our strongest asset, our completed projects are our best credentials, and our clients are our best references.

“We have had the privilege of knowing, working with and interacting with the HDAI Staff in several complex medical projects over the past five or so years. Over the course of our professional endeavors, HDAI has proven to be a passionate, responsible, articulate technical resource, and a value added member of the Project Teams of which we have proudly been a part.”

Gary D. McCalla, Principal
McCalla Rios Architects